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Top NPA Consultant

Discover how you can manage your NPA account,  restore goodwill, stop bureaucratic / illegal designs of Shylock-bankers, Re-establish your Business & come out of the debt.

Dear fellow  Industrialists / Businessmen,

Welcome at NPA Doctor, your good-karmas brought   you  here,
to provide relief from your stressful sufferings of outstanding loans in NPA account.
Your good-luck has provided you an opportunity to visit this  web-site.

This is no hime, but  a set of 100% lawful strategies tailor-made by experts,
seasoned in the field of  hard-recovery of NPA Accounts.
In your own interest, we strongly advise to read this page,  word by  word, at least twice.

This may change your destiny.
Success in handling the NPA depends on
how strongly & lawfully  you rebut the coercive action of the Banks.
Law provides certain remedial measures to safeguard even a sick unit as well to protect your  dignity.  
The need is to know the strategy how to combat the Bank's Notices on Legal Grounds
and to put the best possible legal-remedies to safeguard your business interests.
You might have come across  the NPA Consultants, having no knowledge in the field of application of the enactments like SARFAESI Act 2002,  RDBI Act, DRT Act, Company Law, SICA etc.  These so called Consultants, on the basis of their linkage with higher authorities in the Banks pretend to be experts in resolution of NPA accounts.  If you are not caught in their clutches, you are really lucky, otherwise it will be a step towards downfall and loosing the money that you have.
Right now..
this is the BIGGEST opportunity to save your  hard-earned business reputation
and mortgaged assets from being illegally confiscated or  auctioned
without adoption of due course of law under the SARFAESI Act.

There's never been a better time to initiate the action then now...
You may literally have the ability to re-build your business in cash pumping income stream
that you can  turn into a SIX, SEVEN or even EIGHT FIGURE Business!  
But once caught in the evil designs of Shylock  bureaucrats heading their Banks / FI’s
or their touts fakely posing them as Consultants,
you may probably never be able to  re-establish yourself …..
Take the asylum with competent professional,
the NPADoctor (a specialized team of Professionals & Experts in the Laws dealing with NPA Loans),
Think ! How great it  is .....

the right knowledge  will be affordably available and
you are blessed in a way that the good fortune will  again start to run after you ......
Delegate your NPA related legal worries at the back-end to a team of professionals
and start concentrating on  your business, freed of worries.
Let we handle the  notices / legal matters pertaining to your lending bankers or FI's and you may resume Consistent earnings by properly managing your business!
There are countless  strategies under the law that can work under different situations to enable you  to come out of debt / NPA ...
But where do all the NPA account holders  really hang out ?

With the Brokers having little practical experience in SARFAESI Act / Recovery Laws,
or with those pretending to be liasion agents of the higher ups in the Bank,
With the Consultants though highly-specialized in the fields of Credit or Banking
but having little knowledge & exposure
in the niche SARFAESI Act or NPA Recovery related laws !

Then, necessaily,  you are not on the right path.
As the administration of the SARFAESI Act or other Recovery Laws
is a field entirely in contrast to the Sanction of Loans & Limits
there are only a few people
who by virtue of their experience actually knows the operative part of these laws.
NPADoctor feels pride to be
a Consultant Super-spcialised in the field of Adminstration of the SARAESI Act
andIf you are really  truthful,
we shall be happy to provide a very strong shelter to protect you from  coercive actions of the Bank.
This Is
the other Laws invoked by the Banks and FIs in the Recovey of High Value NPA Accounts.
We present the facts in the most logical manner
to prove the truth to seek justice for you.
The niche of recovery laws, for their proper understanding,
requires the in-depth investigation in the exercise of hard recovery actions initiated by Banks
by way of
filing an:-
OA (A recovery suits filed in  DRT),
Company Winding up Petition,
Reference filed before BIFR for declaration of  a manufacturing Company as a sick unit
or it may require the borrower / guarantor to challenge the SARFAESI action of the  Bank
by filing a SA to seek stay or relief
(a Securitization Application before DRT)

to reach an amicable settlement with the Banks

by way of compromise or OTS (One time  settlement).

This also involves a strong defence in the complaints lodged by the Banks
under Section 138 (Negotiable Act)
under the Indian Penal Code.

The recovery laws are  very tough and confer un-fettered powers to the Banks.
It is, therefore,  very easier to plead for a Bank.

But, where the question is to seek relief for a borrower or a defaulter
to  strongly prepare his case under the SARFAESI Act,
it really requires a  third sense and an out of the box exposure to the above enactments.  
At NPADoctor we  provide consultation only to the genuine businessmen, suffering due to  adverse market conditions and adverse shift in the government policy or the  reasons beyond your control and actually your defaults are not willful.

We device the lawful  solutions for amicable settlement of your NPA or AUCA (written off accounts kept  under collection by the Bank) account by way of Compromise or OTS with the Bank  or otherwise and to improve your credit scores in CIBIL.

A Simple Business  Model
That Works Like Crazy!
Our Truthfulness and Simplicity are the KEYS to your  success.
And therein lies the beauty of this powerful and  legal strategical system, that devoids of unfair practices, as used by some  others in the field, who don’t have full confidence of their own  skills,
It's the main reason complete newbie’s who come  surrendering under the shelter of NPA Doctor have had so much success in a short  period of time...
And it can do the same for you if you follow our  consultation and step-by-step instructions!
You simply complete the action steps and we  shall help you where you meet with any difficult situations..
With the grace of God, after some time, you will  again have a full control over EVERYTHING.
What's It Take To Be Successful?
As it is rightly said that Logic is the art to  make the truth prevail, to be successful it requires ..
Practical knowledge of Law + Honesty + Strategy  + tactics + mindset = success!
The first thing you need to do is to believe  that YOU have reached in the hands of right people … and now you can do  it.
Your faith in the right consultant &  positive mindset is critical for success.
How eagerly do you want this?
Are you sick and tired of the dictatorial &  insulting actions of the Bankers?
Don't loose the heart,  We are here to assist you.

ANYONE can do this...  
so make a commitment  right here and now that YOU will be successful!

I'll pick your hand to my strategies and tactics ...  so you can build a profitable business, once  again.
You'll have EVERYTHING you need to  succeed
And just to take the risk off the table  completely...
Rock Your World , look in your past, be  confident and be a winner ...

NOTHING can stop you from achieving your dreams  and accomplishing your goals.
If you feel NPA Doctor is not worth the very  small investment, take first free appointment just by sending a mail. No  hassles.
To maintain our  quality in services under our brand-name, we can accommodate only a limited  number of clients.  Also, we do not intend to  give benefit of our strategical and legal knowledge to the unscrupulous persons.   

For this, you will have to fix an  appointment
by dropping an email to
for personal  interview,

so that, we may, prima-facia, assess the strength & genuineness of your claims and merits of your case.   
Hence, this opportunity won't  last forever, so whatever you do, don't delay.
Take the Right decision, immediately & without any further delay

Take action  now!
A stitch in time saves the  nine!
There's really only one thing that stands  between you and your success... ..

You get best use of this moment or let the  things go out of control.

Catch the time and Have a great day!

Truely  yours,
S. K. Jain
CEO-Tem NPADoctor
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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